Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting our website. The Superstars collection is now discontinued and no longer available to purchase, but due to a technical issue is still showing on the website. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We have the capabilities, you have your brand, let us help tell your brand story through beautifully British fragrance!


What we offer:

✔Contract manufacturing

✔Own label manufacturing

✔Design collaboration/support

✔CLP compliance support

Our Capabilities:

✔Purpose-designed production facility based in Hampshire with global coverage using our courier partners

✔Human-operated pouring machine capable of producing 1800 candles per hour, with a perfectly consistent % mix every pour

✔2 labelling machines producing consistent packaging for tins, glass, and outer packaging

✔Twin head diffuser machine capable of filling up to 300 bottles per hour

✔Consistent and good stock levels of all our fragrances, all year round, meaning we can help you produce seasonal products well in advance

✔Fully trained in-house artisan chandlers with expertise and an exceptional eye for quality

✔Strong links with our reliable UK Partners for outer packaging and logistics ensuring your branded goods arrive safely everytime

✔ Quick lead times on bringing your label into stock once signed off

✔Swift and reliable graphic design service with a great eye for detail




Please send us a brief of your bespoke project taking into consideration the following 6 questions. Initial emails to be sent to:

A.) Do you have your own vessel style?

If yes – Please send us a picture of your vessel with size dimensions and volume in milliliters.

If no – you can select from our range of stock vessels which include the following: (pictures and samples provided upon request)

30cl ‘Lucy’ Tumbler Glass - Clear or Etched

76mm Candle Tin - Silver or Gold

200ml ‘Karen’ Glass Diffuser Bottle - Clear

100ml ‘Karen’ Glass Diffuser Bottle - Clear

50ml ‘Karen’ Glass Diffuser Bottle – Clear

Wax Melt Recyclable Plastic Clamshell 6 Cavity Square – Clear

B.) Do you have your own fragrance?

If yes – We will require a 100ml sample prior to production for testing along with an MSDS sheet from your supplier to provide CLP labelling.

If no – You can select from our collection of over 50 beautifully British fragrances. Find our directory here: (we can provide samples for approval)

C.) Do you require a contract pour service only? (i.e we ship your product bulk packed without labelling or packaging)

If yes – Please continue to question F.

If no – Please continue to questions D & E.

D.) Do you have your own designer for product labels and packaging?

If yes – we will require vector files if you require us to print for you.

If no – we can offer an in house design service (note, this service is chargeable)

E.) Do you have your own packaging?

If yes – we can offer to pack the product into your packaging.

If no – we can quote to use our packaging suppliers.

F.) Please confirm the quantity of products you would like us to quote for. Our MOQ is 250 units per fragrance type.


One of our friendly team will be in touch to take you through the next steps once the brief has been received!