Built on a passion for home fragrance, The Country Candle Company has always been about beautifully British products. Set in the heart of rural Hampshire within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park and just two miles away from novelist Jane Austen's house, we hand pour all of our candles, reed diffusers and wax melts in the quaint village of Farringdon.

Since December 2020, the company has been owned by the Moyle family; Karl, Austin, Jennifer, Laura, David and Marian.

With our production lines fully operational, we have been busy creating a new brand identity, enhancing our ranges and developing new scents to offer you exceptional quality products with a unique and distinctive take on home fragrance.

All of our products are vegan, GMO free, palm oil free and made by us here in the UK.


Our goal for The Country Candle Company is to be a household name, synonymous with exceptional quality home fragrance products. Our drive to be at the forefront of the scented candle market in the UK ensures our ranges are manufactured to a premium level, fragranced for 100% of the burn time - a USP that keeps us ahead of the competition. To remain true to our values, it is essential that in-house manufacture continues and British suppliers are used when sourcing materials.

At The Country Candle Company, originality is key and our bespoke fragrance ranges cement our commitment to offer quality, long-lasting fragrance for your home. Our main mission moving forward into 2021 is to support our independent retailers both at home and abroad, as well as our own British high street.

Tony Van As
Sales Director

Discovered that The Country Candle Company was for sale one evening and 3 months later had taken the helm! Heading up sales get to work with all our lovely customers- wish there were more hours in the day! Also drive the forklift and throw chunks of wax into the melter when needed.

Outside work love spending time with my wife Linda and our kids at our home in the charming village of Grittleton in the Cotswold’s. Favourite weekend occupation is cutting the grass on my John Deere mower, barbequing steak and socializing with friends over a glass or two of decent wine.

Our Alphabet candles are a great way of giving a personalized gift and our Peruvian scent smells divine!

Linda Van As

Main occupation is actually looking after my husband Tony and our 4 kids with cooking, cleaning, shopping, umpteen school runs, music lessons etc this is pretty full time job!

I do also manage to find time to get involved in product development - love showering candles on friends and family and getting feedback on our beautiful fragrances and packaging. When we are busy with orders like we often are, I help in the factory - anything from bottling reed diffusers to gluing wicks.

I have many favorites’ – if I have to name one it would be our Parisian Café.

Kate Simpson
Finance & HR

As head of finance I get involved across the breadth of the business from budgeting costs coming in to delivering financial results so we can make commercial decisions. I also support our Human Resources with recruitment and the teams' personal development.

I enjoy spending time with my family, the great outdoors and feel at my happiest when walking in the fresh air. As well as this, I am slowly doing a make over on my home -when I have a spare bit of time!

My favourite product would have to be our Prosecco candle - I love prosecco - well who doesn't?

Owen Simpson
Operations & Finance

Having joined The Country Candle Company in October 16, I now manage most of the day to day running of candle production, product development, stock control, and all the technical bits. The broad range of what I do mean's that I'm fortunate enough to work alongside all of our wonderful staff on a daily basis.

I actually graduated from University with a degree in Sport Science, but didn't really fancy life as a sport scientist! I do still keep active though and you'll often find me at the gym, or walking my Dog.

I think my favourite candle is probably our Hedgerow Harvest Superstars. It gives off a lovely sweet scent of mixed berries, and I think it's often overlooked!

Emma Wednesday
Design, Branding, Marketing & Media

I head up the creative side, from designing products to creating marketing content and catalogues. It's my job to keep the visual look of everything on top form; generate concepts for new products, design trade show stands, direct photography, plan marketing strategies, keep in touch with you through social media and newsletters and plenty more!

I graduated in 2016 with a 1st in Print and Pattern design. I enjoy working on my own design projects from my home studio, renovating my house and long runs in the Cotswolds with my border collie Rhodes.

Eric Aylward
Factory Leader

I am mostly involved with the goods in and out of the warehouse, so I'll be the one sending you your candles! However, I am always happy to jump in and help wherever needed, including the morning tea round! I have been with the company since 21st August 2017.

I am a pretty laid back guy who enjoys trying new experiences especially if it involves adrenaline. You could normally find me at the gym or in the garage tinkering on my bike - even if I don't know what I'm doing 100% of the time.

My favourite candles are caramel macchiato and vanilla lime sorbet. They both smell good enough to eat!

30 hours burn time
These are our most popular candles, which are great for medium sized rooms.
20 hours burn time
Perfect for smaller rooms, these little glass candles go a long way.
60 hours aroma time
Our wax melts can easily fill a large room with beautiful fragrance. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.
50 - 55 hours burn time
Can be found across many of our collections in different designs, these popular glass candles are perfect for medium sized rooms.
Lasts around 2-3 months
Great for any room in the house. Try placing one near your front door for a welcoming scent when you come home.
40 hours burn time
These gorgeous candles create a soothing, crackling sound as they burn, perfect for relaxing in the bath or snuggling up by the fire.
Lasts around 3-4 months
Our most luxurious reed diffusers make gorgeous home decor whilst scenting your home beautifully at the same time.

At The Country Candle Company we take great care in producing high quality candles that burn beautifully. We've put together our top candle tips to improve the quality of your candle burn and explain some of our safety guidelines. With the right care our candles will burn cleaner and last longer.

1. Trim your wick! Keep your wick trimmed to 5mm with our handy wick trimmers. This will give a much cleaner burn and prevent the candle from creating soot.

2. Keep your candles away from drafts to keep the flame steady. An unsteady flame causes soot and gives off a smoky scent.

3. Allow the wax pool to fully melt to the edge of the candle before extinguishing. By doing this your candle will last much longer, and burn without tunnelling. 

4. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle. Candle snuffers prevent excess smoke escaping when the wick is being extinguished.

5. When your candle reaches 5mm from the bottom, it's time to say goodbye. Leaving any candle to burn right out can cause the container to become very hot when there is little wax left.



- Never leave candles unattended

- Keep candles on a heatproof surface.

- Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm.

- Never handle candles that are in use.

- Keep candles away from drafts.

- Keep out of reach of children and pets.

- Keep candles away from flammable surfaces.

- Do not place multiple candles less than 5cm apart.

- Keep away from other sources of heat.

- Extinguish using a candle snuffer.

- Do not drop matches or any other objects into the wax.